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Recently, we tested these program over a five-month period using live malware samples. By browsing this site, you consent to the use of some third party cookies.

Kaspersky offers decent discounts if you purchase multiple licenses at once, which makes the software more cost effective. Web Shield Scans downloaded files before they reach your computer to protect you against hidden malware. File Shredder securely deletes data to help prevent unintended or unauthorized recovery.

Cloud-based technology helps stop even the newest malware variants and outbreaks in real-time. It does a good job protecting against malware, plus it has an impressive toolset. Real-Time Updates Ensures that your security is always up-to-date by pushing virus definitions, bug fixes, security updates, and new features to you as they become available.

Process Explorer can also be used to display which running programs have a particular file or directory open. Through ransomware and webcam spying, hackers can get to your most personal files and photos, or even peep into your home. Ensures that your security is always up-to-date by pushing virus definitions, bug fixes, security updates, and new features to you as they become available. Parental controls are also good to have. Wi-Fi Guard Helps you avoid malicious hotspots used by hackers by warning you when you connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi network.

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Overall, the program earned high scores for malware detection and protection. Link Scanner Helps you avoid dangerous websites by scanning clicked links for threats and warning you of anything suspicious. Worried that someone might be spying on you through your webcam? Do you want our cleaning app for Mac instead? Works on both wired and wireless networks.

Process Explorer is a system task manager that can be used to Kill Running Tasks or Kill Running Processes that normally refuse to be killed. We also give you antivirus for all your Android devices.

Do you want our cleaning app for Android instead? In addition to testing the software ourselves, we keep an eye on test results from independent labs. Bitdefender Total Security also has social networking tools that check links posted online and let you know if they lead to a malicious site. Kaspersky Internet Security. Reasons to Buy Virus protection guarantee.

They'll then send out a cure to all our millions of users via a security update. Some people use the Network monitoring tool to help locate network problems or track down suspicious network activity. Our results usually mirrored those of other testing facilities.

We can lock your private apps and photos, help you find your phone if you lose it, and help keep thieves away from your personal data. The best programs blocked the whole site, even the unaffected pages, so there was no chance of accidental infection.

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Uses advanced artificial intelligence on your computer to proactively identify malware samples that haven't yet been catalogued by our ThreatLabs team. Add in its minimum of three user licenses, mobile compatibility and percent virus protection guarantee and Norton becomes a great value pick, too. Last Audit works by performing a scan of your system to identify information that could be accessed, stolen, or used by malware authors.

Connection Monitor is a Free Stand Alone Portable utility that can be used to monitor inbound and outbound socket connections. It also includes a password manager and safe banking tools.

Some programs wait until the download is complete, but capture the malware before it has a chance to fully engage with the computer. Thoroughly scans every corner of your computer and any drives connected to it in real-time for viruses, ransomware, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and other malware. McAfee LiveSafe also includes parental controls and a password manager. We block spam and scams, and even help you avoid fake copycat websites, to prevent you from accidentally giving our passwords or credit card numbers to the bad guys. Reasons to Avoid Webcam monitoring costs extra.

Protect your personal devices with our best-in-class security. Norton Security Deluxe goes beyond basic antivirus protection by including several advanced tools that keep you and your family safe online. McAfee LiveSafe comes with unlimited user licenses, plus it earned a perfect score in our in-house malware detection tests. These tests simulated real-world attacks and showed us how well each program stops threats from infecting your computer in the first place.

When you use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, McAfee places an icon next to each search result to let you know if the site is safe to visit. Reasons to Buy Earned high malware detection scores.

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However, it continues to work in the background so your computer is protected. Helps you avoid fake websites so you don't unknowingly give criminals your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data. Your email has never been safer. And it takes malware protection one step further, by giving you total control over which apps can change or delete your files.

It also comes with a protection guarantee, which adds to its overall value. The best internet security software comes with multiple licenses or a single license that can be used to protect multiple computers or mobile devices at once. Internet security suites, however, usually come with at least three licenses, and are sometimes compatible with mobile phones and tablets so you can protect multiple web-enabled devices at once.

The biggest difference between basic antivirus software and an internet security suite is the number of extra protection tools included with the program. NetWorx can log bandwidth usage and measure the speed of your Internet or other network connection. Before we started testing internet protection programs, inbetweeners episodes we spoke to several industry experts to learn how most computers are infected with malware.

Ransomware Protection Walls off your personal photos, documents, and files from malicious encryption. Force untrusted apps to get your permission before using it, or even disable it for good. Each subsequent visit triggers the gamer mode to enable faster so you can quickly start your games. Better protection for everyone.

Hacker Attacks Protection. This is because the basic antivirus program lacks secure browsing features that are included with the other program. Do you want our antivirus for Android instead?

He suggests that keeping your system and program patches up to date is a good way to stay secure from online threats. Overall, McAfee is a good program for protecting your computer against threats like Trojans, viruses and ransomware. Avast does a good job of protecting against malware, earning a near-perfect score in our in-house tests. One other difference between basic antivirus software and internet security suites is the number of user licenses you get.