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Modern reprint with notes, etc. Together with The Observations of the most learned Physicians, as well ancient as modern, communicated to the late ingenious Mr.

Collected by the many yeares travaile, industry and experience in this subject, by John Parkinson Apothecary of London, and the King's Herbalist. In the yeare of oure Lorde M. Printed at Haarlem by Jacop Bellaert. There is no other record of this edition.

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Published for the English Dialect Society, by N. Grieve's herbal is still in use among herbalists and considered a valuable reference work. Illustrated with figures of the most remarkable plants, accurately delineated and engraved. The book is dedicated to Sir Hans Sloane. Pierre Pena and Matthias de l'Obel.

It is believed that one of them belonged to Sir Thomas More. Edition printed at Venice. No copy of this edition in any of the chief British libraries.

Done into English from the Originals. Second impression to Cardinal de Ruvere. On les vend a Paris en la rue sainct Jacques a lenseigne de la Rose blanche couronnee.

It was not until the following year that they reassembled. Copies in American libraries are noted in the list.

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Widdowes at the Green Dragon in St. Colophon per Johannem de Annunciata de Augusta.

The paper on which it is printed is said to be the first ever made in England for the press. This book is mentioned by Bumaldus, but is not otherwise known. Pars prior Meminisse juvabit.

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Simmons, for Philemon Stephens, at the guilded Lyon in St. Le Grand Herbier en Francoys, contenant les qualites vertus et proprietes des herbes, arbres gommes. Figures of plants are very inferior to those in the first edition.

Printed at Paris by Pierre Sergent. And to the Virtues of those that are now in use, is added one Receipt, or more, of some Learned Physician. Jehan Corbichon in for Charles V.

Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street. With the best methods of Propagation, and the most recent agricultural improvements. Botanographi Regii eximii Stirpium Illustrationes. The Doses or Quantities of such as are prescribed by the London Physicians, and others, sociology articles on dating are proportioned. The like never published in English.

English Plants are drawn from Nature to the greatest Accuracy, Flowers, or Parts, too small to be distinguished, are magnified. Also a generall rule of all maner of Herbs, drawen out of an auncient booke of Physicke by W. Printed at Passau by Conrad Stahel.

The like never extant before. Adapted more especially to the Occasions of those, whose Condition or Situation of Life deprives them, in a great Measure, of the Helps of the Learned. This book claims Albertus Magnus as its author, but is wholly unworthy of that great scholar. Imprinted by Thomas East, dwelling by Paules Wharfe. Al- so a generall rule of all ma- ner of Herbes drawen out of an auncyent booke of Phisyck by W.

Their Species, or various Kinds. In the yere of our lorde M. Methodically handled for the benefit of those that understand not the Latine Tongue. Imprinted at London by Wyllyam Copland. Specifying the uses to which they are or may be applied, whether as Food, as Medicine, or in the Arts and Manufactures.

The dedicatory epistle is to Queen Anne. Cum gratia et Priuilegio Reg. Edition printed at Venice by Christ. Paradisus Terrestris by John Parkinson.

No copy of this edition in any of the chief British libraries and no other record of it. Together with An Introduction to Herbarisme, etc.

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Edition printed at Venice by W. Colophon differs from the first edition in that it does not contain the printer's address. Streater for Nathaniel Brooke.

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Another edition printed at Passau. Carefully translated from the original Latin. Imprinted at London by John Norton.

Ac y maent yn hollawl ilw defnyddw o Ddail a Llysiau ein bwlad ein hunain. It is believed that there are now only two copies of this book extant.

The propertees and qualytes of all thynges in this booke, The descrypcyon of urynes, how a man shall haue trewe knowledge of all seke- nesses. Bartholomeus de Proprietatibus Rerum. Botanicum Londinense, or London Herbal. By William Coles, Herbalist.