Taboo Game Cards

Taboo game cards

You can decide to play to a certain score, or for a certain number of rounds, whichever you prefer. If you want to draw each card from the pile, that is fine, too. Describe multiple meanings that a word could have. Make sure that everyone is clear on which pile is which as they set cards down.

Make sure not to score the card that the timer ran out on for anyone. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The opponents get one point for each card in the discard pile. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Only pass when it is absolutely necessary to help your team come out on top.

Taboo Game Cards Printable - Printable Pages

You also want to try to make the teams even in regards to skill level. You might do guys versus girls or some other simple way to split up the teams. Add more tables to your document until you have enough to cover half of your words.

Each card lists the five best words that describe a word to be guessed. You can only look at each card as you draw it to begin giving clues for it. You will draw a three-column- by seven-row-table in your word processor. Once you have typed in your words and taboo words, you are ready to print.

You can not look ahead at any of the other cards in the deck. It gets put out of the deck until the end of the game. Your teammates must guess the exact word, so if they get it close, or get part of the word, you need to keep giving them clues until they get it exactly right. She holds a communication degree from Mississippi State University and has worked in the television, radio, and newspaper business.

It is important to keep the piles separated for accurate scoring. Take all of the cards used during that round and set them aside.

You want the words to be legible. Did this article help you? Print out your document and then load the your printed cards in your printer. You can't use any of the taboo words or guess-words in sentences, but you can make your clues sentences.

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Gameplay can progress in the same way. Cut our your cards with scissors.

Next think of a word that is related to the subject. Each round should be minutes.

Use synonyms and antonyms. The instructions were clear, we'll see how the class goes!

Taboo game cardsHow to Make Your Own Taboo Cards

You can decide on a longer or shorter time limit to change up the game. Her work has appeared on several websites including Bella Online, wild and where she is the Board Games Editor.

The second pile is for cards that the clue-giver skipped and cards on which the clue-giver accidently said the guess-word or any of the taboo words. Losing one point is worth gaining three if you can. If you catch someone looking ahead, you need to call them out on it as this is cheating.

Check your printer manual or do a test sheet to confirm this. Jot down a a list of words. So using the various meanings of words will help people make the connection about what those meanings have in common. If you realize partway into giving your clues that you said something early on that was a bad clue and that actually confused your teammates, you can tell them to disregard that clue.

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You can play the game if you only have the Taboo cards and none of the other equipment. This way it will be easier to distinguish the list of taboo words from the word to guess. Skip a row and then place one taboo word on each of the next five rows.

Taboo game cards printable taboo game cards printable

Give your teammates clues about the guess-word. You can also switch to a timer that makes noise when it runs out. You could describe when two cars are racing toward each other until one of them veers out of the way.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Warning Write in block letters if you are handwriting your cards. It could count if you want it to.

To learn more, including how to tell when you should pass on a difficult word, keep reading! This can be decided on by your group, so all of the players should discuss it beforehand and decide whether or not you want to allow someone to reveal the number of letters in a word. When you have couples or family members playing together, it can be a good idea to put them on separate teams so that they do not have any kind of advantage over the other players. Draw a line and write the taboo words. Put the card into a discard pile for that round.

Put skipped cards into the same discard pile. One pile is for cards that the guessing team got correct. You will now print your remaining cards onto the back of the sheets.