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Open embedded menu Add this game to your web page! Here are the arrangements of frill that are accessible in the shop. This will attract more customers. If you want the waiter to move to a particular table to take the order, windows 8 activator loader extreme edition 2013 all you have to do is point the cursor at the specific table and click. Naruto Shadow Clone Battle.

There are no shortcut keys offered to play the game. All these tips and tricks will surely make your restaurant the best one in the town. The money that she earns every day can be used for making the restaurant beautiful or for improving her capabilities of serving the clients. Make the boy and girl couple seated on the table with flowers. As the levels go up, you will be making more money and the cost of things will also go up.

Penny can change her uniform often for a minimal amount so that she looks good in front of the customers. You can go on to the next day when the target set for the current day is achieved. Start your own restaurant business. El Guerrero Original de Naruto.

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She can utilize these reserve funds to buy extras from the Antarctic Accessories Shop. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon. Upgrades There are quite a few types of upgrades possible. Make over the Prince Charm with clothes, hairstyles, accessories and more.


Player's Game Screenshots. Spend some money on purchasing upgrades as this will make your customers comfortable and they will end up giving you more tips.

Penguin Diner Walkthrough Stuck? As soon as the dish is ready, a bell will ring. Also there are a lot of interesting tags you can browse like tower defense games, room escape games or cooking games.

By continuing on our website you consent to it. Add this game to your web page! She needs to be very fast as the customers might just walk away if they are not served with food instantly. Even murderers have to eat. There are quite a few types of upgrades possible.

You need to be quick and efficient to serve a large number of customers in a short time. These will make customers happy and comfortable. Decorations with table cloth, flower, comfortable seats, entertainment through music or television, live entertainment and skates to move fast can be bought from this section. Amid this time, the nature of sustenance has diminished extensively and the vast majority of the clients are miserable with the eatery.

Mouse is the important part of this game. You can even buy additional tables and chairs so as to accommodate more number of people in the diner.

Bounce your penguin up the platforms to the finish line! The money that was collected during the game can be used in the catalog section to buy additional stuff for your diner. Move through three different locations and buy upgrades for the diner. Help Penny achieve her dream of owning the best diner in Antarctica. They are sure to get addicted to the game because of its cute graphics and interesting gameplay.

Skill Penguin Job Sim Waitress. Penny the Penguin returns to Antarctica to serve up a feast!

Games like Penguin Diner 2

She has a restaurant and she needs to serve customers with good food quickly. If you want to win the game, you need to work fast. Every day, Penny will be furnished with an objective to finish in her eatery. Additional tables and chairs can be bought for increasing the productivity of your business.

Penguin Diner 2 game online

Penguin Diner 2 game online

If you follow these tips religiously, then you are surely going to have a fantastic business. After a very successful stint in the Arctic, Penny decides to open up her own diner on home territory. Unfortunately, this is your job.

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So, the penny has to be real quick in serving the right dishes to the right customer. This will help her to serve faster in the restaurant. There are different areas in the city where you have to run the diner. You can purchase decorative items to make your restaurant beautiful. Help Penny make enough money to get back home to her family.

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