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Nokia E5 vs Micromax A73

Effects, White balance, Landscape, Self-timer. The Internet radio application can download all the local stations and save them to the handset with their names. In between the two parts there's a small metallic plate made from the same stainless steel alloy as the back cover.

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Overall, the performance of the camera is simply satisfactory, without any impressive features. Above the display, there's a small ambient light sensor and the built-in ear mic. Further, users will have quick access to the task manager, as the function appears now at the top of every pop-up menu. The left side of the phone doesn't have any external keys or ports, just like the bottom of the device.

The video player can be displayed in both normal and fullscreen modes. Both functions, radio and music player, respectively, can be run in the background with no problems. These apps are free to download and install. The screen is also populated with a bar that usually shows your emails, as soon as you set up your mail account. The handset also lacks a dedicated camera button, but the big D-pad on the keypad can be a very good shutter.

Each contact is represented by a small avatar thumbnail chosen from the Gallery or by taking a picture with the camera. Add a Discussion View All. The fonts can be customized, as there's a special app for that called Font Magnifier, which can be found in the Application area.

Unfortunately, the small-sized screen makes the whole experience rather frustrating. The handset is an all-rounder as it performs decent in all areas. Oh, and also the defective volume key, which is hard to press. Ning Create a Ning Network! Fortunately, the display kept the same perfect sunlight eligibility, so you will be able to use the phone outdoors without any hindrance.

You won't be able to exit the app using the Exit command, but you will be able to use the red Reject calls button to get rid of the freeze. The latter means that you'll be able to add feeds instead of contacts, so you can quick access it from the Homescreen. Clicking on any of the contacts added will bring up a list with various options that will enable you to edit the contact, send a message, call or add feed.

The last two keys are very thin and are covered by a metal-like plastic or they're possibly made from stainless steel, just like the big D-pad in the middle. Failing that i will try this other app!

Support online videos search. Vertical icon bar, Talking theme, Horizontal icon bar, Basic, Active. Still, it does decent pictures, especially if you're using the light conditions to your advantage.

The device also includes an audio message editor and e-mail support. All five of them are intuitive and easy to use, so there's nothing more to add here.

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This has become a common fact for the latest Nokia handset, regardless if they're mid- or high-end budget phones. Are you a fan of youtube video? Youtube for Mobile - means having millions of videos right in your pocket Get. YouTube videos loaded quickly in our tests and played in landscape mode. Links from mobile sites still launch my Real Player.

Nokia E5 vs Micromax A73

The phonebook can store an unlimited number of contacts, as long as you have enough storage memory left. Additionally, it can download headers and supports attachments.

Free YouTube Player Nokia E5 Java Apps - Mobiles24

The Smart Connect client lets users simplify Internet access by using connection groups. Experience authentic Gullah culture through the eyes of a true native.

Overall, the keypad is excellent, very responsive and easy to type with. Added by Gullah Cooking Diva.

The sound is also great at both ends and pretty loud. The vibration alert is more than decent, which means you won't miss too many phone calls if you keep it on the Silent profile. Naturally, there are some minor differences, but even hardcore fans of the Finnish giant manufacturer couldn't say that this isn't an Eseries phone. Also, the handset maker used stainless steel for the battery cover on the back. These shortcuts are fully customizable, as more others can be added instead of the default ones.

Still, do not buy the phone for the camera, it's not worth it and there are better choices on the market, even from Nokia. Nokia did a good job on the outside, as the phone features a stylish durable plastic, which, to my surprise, film thailand doesn't catch fingerprints.

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There's also new app that users can take advantage when trying to connect to the Internet, called Smart Connect. Gullah Cooking Diva created this Ning Network.

Basically when an application is trying to connect to the Internet, the client will try to use the predefined group of connections in the list using the prioritized algorithm that the user put in.

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There's a set of six keys, as well as a big D-pad button, all grouped on this metallic plate. To the right of the camera, there's a small loudspeaker. Camera, Message, Maps, Chat and Ovi.

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