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Madison Fear is a gorgeous fashionista who attends Monster High. Jinafire Long feels compelled to dress up like an ancient sorceress from the Three Kingdoms vying for power in the Middle Kingdom. Fancy hair, fabulous undersea accessories, and chic seashell, star fish bikini tops are all part of the allure of this enchanted dressup doll adventure.

Draculaura is a vampire and even vampires can have a case of bad teeth sometimes. She has red hair with purple streaks, purple eyes, and white skin. It's called Monster High Cosplay and I am sure you will adore it. Still, this didn't stop her from looking fabulous! Lagoona is a kind and friendly ghoul who loves swimming.

She dresses in bohemian -style clothing. We update every week, advantages of so come back to fulfill your Dating Fantasy or plan your Wedding Kiss! He and Abbey are now dating.

And I wouldn't want to be the person who has to give Clawdeen a manicure! In a fantasy world where the past meets the future, weddings are even more spectacular than they are now! He annotated Jackson's diary with sarcastic remarks.

She is a pop singer who inspires monsters to be themselves. Can you help these cuties form monster high to dress up for their graduation party? The smartest ghoul at Monster High, Ghoulia is a shy and bookish girl, but Cleo de Nile refuses to let her be the wallflower at a party. Monster High - Sweet Ghoul Draculaura. Well, weird things happen on Halloween.

Clawdeen Wolf Toilet Decor. The daughter of Boogey Man, Twyla will need your help to get accepted into the many cliques of Monster High. Frankie Stein Nose Doctor. Spectra Vondergeist Hair Spa and Facial. She likes dark blue and deep purple colors.

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Monster High Games - Free Online Monster High Games For Girls

Frankie Stein Room Cleaning. Check out this tricky South American dress up game as you help the other people in your class develop a chic dress up style for each of these unbelievably stylish sphere of fashion. Clawdeen from monster high loves to decorate things.

List of Monster High characters

Can you help her to take care of the foot and relieve the pain? Her clothes consist of a green shirt, brown jacket, red belt, and brown pants. The longer you survive the harder it gets. Part of this may be because as a zombie, alexander jason she never stands up straight.

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He's depicted in the webisodes and specials as rather excitable and loud. She has a unique style and she dress up with Chineese style dresses. Monster High Coloring session is open again, girls! Frankie Stein has been having trouble seeing the blackboard from her desk.

There is a lot more to Spectra Vondergeist than having fabulous style. This lovely student uses her sharp fangs to feed on prey. In order to turn herself into a scarily fabulous diva, Clawdeen Wolf needs to find the right creams, scrubs and face masks to match her complexion. Heath primarily serves as the comedy relief, calgary matchmaking services being the butt of many physical jokes and the class clown.

And she needs to do some baby shopping to get the supplies to take care of her baby! This time she is going to decorate her bathroom, can you help her? Jamie loves her new boyfriend! Wydowna Spider is a gorgeous eight armed beauty who loves fashion and always finds creative ways to wear cobweb covered accessories and attire. She has purple hair with pale grey eyes and translucent pale white skin.

  1. Clawdeen Wolf Messy Bathroom Cleaning.
  2. She has bluish-purplish skin and blue eyes.
  3. She plays a coffin-shaped guitar.
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Deuce is dating Cleo, who seems to always find new ways for him to spend all his money on her. It's Draculaura's birthday! Due to her being a vegan, she faints at the sight or mention of blood. Today, she wants her fierce fashion to be strong, dark, dating a lebanese woman and lacy. Help her get better in a new and fun emergency game!

List of Monster High characters

You miss your girlfriend and want to give her a smooch, just dont get caught or left anyone see you! Halloween is near and Spectra Vondergeist has an interesting task for you! As Dracula's favorite daughter, it's no wonder that she's a total diva of darkness.

Monster ghoul Abbey Bominable may have a fierce personality but you can make her look cool and be friend with her. Create a true work of ice cream art with Draculaura in this outrageous Monster High dessert decoration game. Can you help Barbie to find a suitable monster outfit for her? Barbie Ever After High Spa.

Dress up Twyla for her spell bounding night while saving her vampire friends from the villains that hound them. So she really doesn't need to give herself a makeover every morning. She has pink hair, underneath which is a nest of vipers.

Monster High Games

But she can get the smell of cabbage off of her at least with a nice long shower and a sweet makeover! She may be a bit quiet and she may love to study, but that doesn't mean she isn't into fashion! Follow Draculaura and help her do the ritual.

  • Wash her hair, clean her face, and pick a cute and loving outfit!
  • Gil is from freshwater, which is why it is hard for him and Lagoona who can survive in saltwater to be together.
  • The initial characters were created by Garrett Sander and his twin brother Darren.

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Draculaura Vampire Dentist. Can you help Draculaura on her quest for blood? Draculaura was cooking dinner when she accidentally bumped into a hot pan while reaching for some spices.

Monster High Games for Girls - Girl Games

There, she wears a blue and magenta dress with a gear print, and a blue top hat. With a narration book set up, she can record all of her latest and greatest styles with fun and flair! Help Draculaura from Monster High with getting her cute baby!

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