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Her marriage was stopped by her once when the groom's family asked a lot for dowry. Learn more More Like This. Prabhavathi Jyothika is a feisty, independent woman who makes documentaries. Filmography Discography Unrealized projects Awards and honors. The cat-and-mouse game begins.

But Pappamma helps her by revealing the truth to Pandian. Pandian returns to the office and this shocks the three women. Both Satya and Pandian try to rush to the airport before the other. Pandian tries to move close with Satya and unaware of Pandian's intention, Satya at first dines with him.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This led to a commotion, and Kamal went over to see what it was all about. Though the film was completed, it failed to have a theatrical release. The supervisor overhears them and she rescues Pandian. Anjali, Dongli Jumbo, Andrea Jeremiah.

Magalir Mattum ( film)

Ashok Selvan, Priya Anand, Samuthirakani. But the boss looks like he is aware about what happened there and appreciates all three for their innovative ideas. Satya takes charge of acting manager and with the help of Janaki, Pappamma and other employees she brings many changes in the office. Paapamma is in stark contrast to Janaki and carries a bold and brazen attitude.

Audible Download Audio Books. Finally police find out the missed corpse and all three leave silently. All three come to a decision and pretend to accept his demands. All three rush to hospital and hear that the patient is dead due to strong dosage of poison. Satya finds his state and admits him in hospital.

Satya shows her dream boy to him and all are surprised that Satya's dream boy is their boss. Pappamma is a housekeeper who lives with her drunkard rickshaw pulling husband and earns for both their living and her husband's drinking expense. Nassar Revathi Urvashi Rohini. This article is about the film. He demands to spend each night with all the three women in his private house.

The story of a former boxer who quits boxing following a fallout with the authorities over the underlying politics but goes on to coach a fisherwoman to fulfill his dream through her. Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi. Prabha becomes determined to reunite Gomatha with her friends.

Magalir Mattum ( film)

Discover Katrina Kaif's Watchlist. Marimuthu as Rani's father Maya S. Junior Subbulakshmi Maya S. All the three women are frustrated by Pandian's attitude and are finding some way to stop his misdeeds towards them. Later he was convinced by his friends that they loved each other.

Magalir Mattum was dubbed and released in Telugu as Adavallaku Matrame. This incident was used in Magalir Mattum as a plot point. For the film, flv convert to dvd see Magalir Mattum film.

Magalir Mattum

His wife wrote the screenplay while he was explaining every scene. Watch Our Exclusive Interview.

Hence the supervisor tries to take revenge by hiding an important file which is under Janaki's custody. Two engineering dropouts stumble upon the activities of a corrupt education minister owning engineering colleges and expose him.

It has a simple plot showing the plight of house wives in our Tamil society. Watched Tamil Movies - Kollywood. This movie is beautifully directed and the actors have done an excellent job especially Urvasi. Also, Maddy's guest appearance added more color to the movie! Pandian falls from his chair and becomes unconscious.

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She lives with her two friends and later moves in with her future mother-in-law Gomatha Urvashi. Janaki, Pappamma and Satya are three women employed at a fashion export company.

This gains her the friendship of Janaki and Pappamma and Satya understands about Pandian. When he inquires about Satya's marriage, Janaki says that she has a dream boy drawn in the computer.

Finally, they decided to shoot the portions separately with Nassar depending upon the availability of actress on that day. The film's soundtrack was composed by Ghibran. Films directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. All three decide to confess about what happened in the office and rush to the airport to receive the boss.

Was this review helpful to you? Thanu appeared in that role, notably it was his only film as an actor. All the women in the company face a common threat in the form of manager G. He also stated that after the film's theatrical release, the team planned to take it to international film festivals.

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