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Leo DiCaprio spotted on double date with Lukas Haas

There are more pics out there. Leo wanted to come along previously, but it didn't work out. Red Riding Hood was produced by Leonardo's production company. Even though you had a great time with her when she came out to visit you, her messages kept dwindling to less and less, which meant that her Interest Level was becoming less and less.

Anyone think it could be true? From another thread I've said this zillions of times on Datalounge. The surveillance video was looked at and on six separate cameras were our actor and his friends walking out of the store with the jackets. Have we learned nothing from Winona's fate? But otherwise I don't thoroughly enjoy his movies or his performances except for The Wolf Of Wall Street because it was very entertaining.

Both Leo and Lukas on their phones. Lukas is one fugly bastard. He said he almost couldn't believe it. Has anyone ever seen Vincent Gallo near Leo or his house?

Thus, there are no confirmed reports of him being married, or dating someone at present. Meanwhile, average women complain about their dating experiences and their troubles with guys, and the reason is, dating fatwa definition most of them are chasing the most attractive men and getting burned! Lukas could be dating her.

Then he completely stopped with the voice acting again. His father is a German immigrant. Leo's bodyguard Reza and Q Tip despise each other and got into a shoving match causing Leo to leave the party early. Finally, they know they would get sued.

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Barts on Sunday, proving that his lifestyle does share some similarities with Jordan Belfort. Jamie - who is sinking into depression over it. Leo bought Dinah Shore's house in Palm Springs, didn't know that. They both claimed that by failing to call her I dropped her Interest Level.

And probably no woman would put up with him for very long. What's with a whole string of German beards or beards with German names? It was kept quiet, but he was seen in a wheelchair and on crutches privately and it was known. It sounds corny, fish pond but I think every actor would like to - at least once in his or her career - play the person who saves the entire world. That Republic won't last long.

Leonardo DiCaprio giggles while being chased by Lukas Haas

It was kinda common knowledge. Atticus, the really sad part is that at one time in this relationship, perhaps for a year and a half to two years, Dakota had high Interest Level in you. Why did you go so long with Ingrid without marrying her?

Leo seems to hang with Vinny more. Leo dresses casual in his downtime and doesn't care about being glam. If you don't see them together, you think they broke up. He can't have sex with women he likes and can't like women with whom he has sex.

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  • Leo was out today with friends at the Racing event in Long Beach.
  • Leo is in Japan right now without Lukas.
  • Maybe an album is on the way, who knows?

He had two of his crew with him. Those two have some of the biggest fanbase ever. Over the course of an hour the four people went in and out of the store three times. At one point one of them took their hat and sunglasses off - lo and behold it was Leo D. Seriously, you guys must not know many arstist types.

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Leonardo DiCaprio/Lukas Haas
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Leo is like fine wine, he gets better as he ages. He is filming a thriller named Browse as already posted. Always thought he was really close to Tobey Maguire.

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So he puts his mother on a pedestal and and all his conquests are just sluts. And I'm really thinking of going through his garbage can on garbage day. She even makes travel plans for us.

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Bumping uglies on occasion I can believe. From the outside looking in, it would seem Leo is getting the short end of the stick no pun intended. She had just found out that his claims that he had been faithful to her during a certain period of their relationship were completely bogus. They both said that if their husband or boyfriend had done what I did after the first date they would have written them off and ignored them altogether. Whether it's on a yacht, at a nightclub, at a fundraiser, at a birthday, she's just not there.

Could be they are friends. Didn't he live with Leo as well before he bearded up and got married? We're delusional until we're not.

You get these spoiled stars trading girls around in their entourage like pieces of meat. After so many years of anything at any time, he needs as many flavours as possible. It was reported and is likely true that he set up his mother with this David Ward he was friends with his daughter first so she'd have a good time. Is there arms kinda close?

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Maybe Leo feels bad for Lukas and lets him live there. Wasn't there gossip that Qtip tried to force Leo to thrown Lukas out of the house at one time? Looks like Leo went traveling and left Lukas home filming a movie.

They say, the handsome romantic Leo is not interested in women and he lives with Lucas Haas. Aside from his acting career, Haas has also pursued a career in music. He lived in a big house with his American mother, Emily Tracy, who was a famous writer, and a German father, Berthold Haas, an artist.

  1. Do you think Lukas was upset?
  2. One of them must be a make-believe and to me, it's not his relationship with his mother.
  3. The Bar Whatsherface explanation actually made sense, Q-Tip not so much.
  4. Leo was spotted getting onto private boat to take them to a luxury yacht off the coast of St.
  5. Seems like they are always together.
  6. She is the one in the pic that was posted when they went to lunch.
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The movie was included in the list of the best films of the year. They say, he bought wedding rings with an unknown beautiful woman in the jeweler store. From another thread I wonder if he was the answer to this blind item from months ago? On Instagram, Lukas likes art stuff, posts of his brothers and pics of random model barely half his age like this chick who was like Leo at Laguna Beach. Here is an old pic of Leo at lunch with buddies a weeks ago.

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