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Download-S2 K-BOOM v1.2.1 Themeforest Events & Music Responsive WP Theme

K-BOOM Themeforest Events & Music Responsive WP Theme

Everything is in the details. An amazing layout plugin that allows for intelligent and dynamic grids of items that can be easily sorted and filtered. Easily defined for providing a flexible carousel, Flexisel provides users an experience of going through different items with seamless effects and faster image loading.


BresponZive 3 Style Magazine

Swipebox Basically, Swipebox is a jQuery-powered lightbox that can be flexible as a keyboard-navigated item in a desktop and swipe-driven lightbox in mobile devices. Browsing through different categories within the gallery does not require refreshing the page. Masonry arranges elements vertically, positioning each element in the next open spot in the grid. Perfect-Scrollbar Perfect-Scrollbar presents clean, sharp, and auto-fading scrollbars on images, which can also be resized.

Olympic Olympic is a dark colored fitness center WordPress theme. Replay is a perfect theme for musicians, bands, akon trouble nobody record labels and any music business.

BresponZive 3 Style MagazineK-BOOM Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme dlWordPress

K-BOOM Events & Music Responsive WordPress Theme dlWordPress

Post formats determine how a specific post will be styled. Image Picker utilizes animation selection with the help of images that can be set in grid, which works whether you click items from the dropdown menu or directly clicking the image. This plugin provides a unique alternative that allows the user to bypass security by drawing shapes.

Flycase is a professional and easy-to-use Music WordPress Theme. Olympic is a dark colored fitness center WordPress theme.

It is ideal for your music projects, events, portfolios and blogging. This could be your answer. This plugin helps you build a hidden, slide-in sidebar that contains pretty much anything you want it to.

Theme options have so much options. Whether you are a professional or not, your theme includes all features you need for your band or label, to present, promote and sell your work online.

Musico is a fully customizable theme specifically tailored to the needs of musicians. Allows you to pull the latest tweets from a selected user account and display them in any widgetized area on your website. Anystretch is a jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized background image to any page or block level element.

This means you can make the background and fonts to have any desired color. Parallax scrolling for the masses. It is fully cusomizable and fit to any device, from very wide desktop screens to small smartphones. Setting images to transparent or semi-transparent is actually difficult, but jQuery Alpha Image Plugin addresses that problem very easy with codes.

Ever wonder how people build those amazing scrolling effects? All fonts, colors, and images can be customized. Instead of just seeing images pop up after it has been loaded, imageloader. Product Product is a product showcase WordPress theme. Not only portfolio that be able to used in the Rocket Board but blog posts can be applied as well.

Each template serves a particular purpose. Scoreme Scoreme is a pretty simple theme that suit for magazine or personal websites. It allows you to manage all your albums and display them in an awesome full screen and sidebar audio player. Another plugin for masonry-style layout.


The admin panel has a feature through which you can adjust the colors of the different parts of your theme. It can be used for any other purpose as well. What you need is a clean, well-arranged website focused on events, albums, photo gallery and blog. It is highly and easily customizable, ready for all devices, simple to set up and e-commerce ready.

K-BOOM WordPress Theme Features

Besides the fully-responsive plugins, it offers a variety of large options where you can choose from the styles provided from its preset or randomly-generated layouts. Creating overlay instructions for your site can never be more amazing with this tool where the animation complements well with the texts and the lines. Easily build a Msonry-like layout like the one seen on Wookmark. It have three different post formats.

K-BOOM Themeforest Events & Music Responsive WP Theme

You can also set the first state of metro box to show as colour box or show as feature image. Creating galleries, product brochures, sitemaps, contact pages and blog feeds is breeze easy.

It is fully cusomizable and fits to any device, from very wide desktop screens to small smartphones. And Audio player is Unique. In this article I'm going to highlight some of the best WordPress themes for musicians and bands. Rotate, perspective, skew, scale and more. It is easy to use and customize, comes packed with powerful tools for sharing and selling music, managing events and more.