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Added option to hide the header in list view. Multi-day events do not stop short a day. Mobile-view bullet colors now show custom event colors when used with the Google Calendar Pro add-on. Sends captured input to the model. Lists that start on a custom date will start at the beginning of the day now.

Search queries using quotes should now work as expected. Type in your username and password for the connection. Added Russian translation provided by Vadim Reutskiy. Issue where navigation to next month would be disabled when multi-day events extended to future months. Apparently MapD as open source would leap frog Hadoop clusters at least for performance per dollar.

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Fixed bugs when custom date range values were left blank. Note that the reverse is not true, as passing this option to the constructor will not automatically add the model to the collection.

In the following example, notice how our overridden version of Backbone. You could easily replace this code to get some data from a database if required. Save your web video gallery as project file. Updated how the timezone is handled for calendars.

Updated option for controlling multi-day events. Events from different calendars not showing on a grouped calendar should display properly now. Generally speaking, when calling a function that emits an event model. Tooltips should no longer be empty after a resize.

Emits events when data changes. The sum of the data in a given grid cell is then applied to the color gradient dot for that cell. The callback will be invoked whenever the event is fired. When you exit Video LightBox, you'll be asked if you want to save your project.

Although Azure Hadoop supports. Grouped calendars will now clear the cache of all attached calendars.

You might want to change the Directory as well if you need to have your uploaded images placed in e. Web maps are the way to go for public distribution and all web apps face the same set of issues when dealing with large data sets. Complex shapes need to be built up from triangle primitives.

Simple Calendar is coming, changes ahead. This is the same slippy tile approach used for serving base Road, Aerial, and AerialWithLabels maps, similar to all web map brands. Data resources are precompiled into sets of small images called a tile pyramid which can then be used in the client map as a slippy tile overlay.

Max number of events should no longer refresh to on change. Additional overlay extensions are also available such as traffic. Default colors specified for today and events with days should now work even when colors blanked out.

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Updated text output for human date times. Correct dates in day headings in list view being off for some time zones. Multi-day events that span over to the first day of the month should now show correctly. Cache was requiring a manual clear sometimes and should now work automatically.

The advantage of using this form, instead of other. Events Events is a module that can be mixed in to any object, giving the object the ability to bind and trigger custom named events. Allow line breaks from Google calendar description to persist if not using the html attribute. What it should do is fire a change event of some kind on the input, if and only if changing the date, but it doesn't. Model with your domain-specific methods, and Model provides a basic set of functionality for managing changes.

You will have to type in your hostname, e. You can establish the various sizes for the thumbnails and video resolution.

Visual editor is available again when editing event template tags. Added Swedish translation provided by Familjedaghemmet Chicos. Tightened up security a bit. For rich client-side applications, a more structured approach is often helpful. Updated date and time preview to show properly escaped values.

Added dropdown option on how to handle line breaks and paragraphs for the event template tags. Timezones handling are more accurate. Issue with calendar settings not saving. Subsequent arguments to trigger will be passed along to the event callbacks. Modular and extensible plugin, add-ons ready.

Models should be able to be passed around throughout your app, and used anywhere that bit of data is needed. Instead, define defaults as a function. In-memory optimizations would then apply primarily to spatial point sets rather than polygon sets.

Video LightBox generates a special code. Spatial Hadoop adds a nice collection of spatial objects and indices. Fixed always enqueue option to work correctly. Added option to display a compact list view.

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Demo jQuery Floating Menu. Now for the fun part, latrobe shire tenders dating hooking it all up with jQuery. Fixed bug with update script being skipped via attachment to activation hook. Event links pointing to Google Calendar have a timezone argument from feed setting. Fixed bug for Google Calendar Pro add-on organizer event builder code.

But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. This allows lower levels of the tile pyramid to be populated only on demand reducing the amount of storage required. Fixed issue where multiple shortcodes would sometimes not load scripts correctly. Improved security when saving plugin settings.

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Disable scripts and disable styles advanced options should now work as intended. Useful if the model has never been populated with data, or if you'd like to ensure that you have the latest server state. If the model has a validate method, and validation fails, the model will not be saved. Make it so grouped calendars are properly sorted by event time. Allow other plugin or theme shortcodes to be used in the event template.

Like all the major web map apis, vector advantages include client side event functions at the shape object level. List view heading dates corrected for some time zones. Next I need the names list to be populated when choosing a gender. Grid view starting month corrected for some time zones. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork.

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin