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When I came from Paris and tried to make a place for myself in the art market, I was frankly miffed when people came to the studio and hesitated a lot. Actually, they were pretty bold experiments.

When we were talking about cold, hard money and things like that, he was very self-controlled. Cada vez que olha procura compreender, organizar e estruturar a realidade. Had you always wanted to be a doctor? An art centre like this, built around the collection of an art dealer, is a rare, if not unprecedented case in Portugal.

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Rightly considered one of the most important cycles of vocal music of all time, this piece is interpreted by the acclaimed american soprano Linda Watson. Do you need ideas for your Carnival costume? It was the ideal place for everyone to refresh their senses, move their bodies and witness one of the most stimulating shows that has ever come to Portugal. Some of the reasons cited for this were the weather, the low ticket prices and the line-up - the show by Metallica merited an honourable mention.

Discreetly, like any good dealer. My move to Lisbon was very tragic.

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And maybe because it might make you want to raise your rates. You started off by telling me that your strongest memories of Manuel de Brito were the first and the last. Nunca ele pensou que a Paula Rego viesse a valer o que vale hoje. The nuns were extremely humane, which is very healthy for people who find themselves in a fragile state. Do your paintings in the Manuel de Brito collection provide a good overview of your artistic career?

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The decision had been made long before that. He was very ill, in hospital, and he called me. Nunca se falava de pintura. After seeing the exhibit I felt that, in a way, it truly represents my life as a painter.

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The Jazz Series, in turn, explores the new paths of Steve Lehman s award-winning octet. Tive dificuldade em aceitar. This stream is analyzed under some axes that beyond particularly relevant for the argument of the thesis, launch new understandings based upon new theoretical attachments. Did you witness the changes Oeiras has undergone? But we can still help many others.

Mas sempre tive dificuldade de me separar de alguns quadros. Um ou outro nem sabia que eram dele. And the day I left, I mourned the loss of Mozambique. But all the paperwork was done. Nuno Bastos is a singer-songwriter influenced by the true masters of samba and an important figure of the Carnival in Estarreja.

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Isso faz de si um filho mimado? Since then he has been performing with the most prestigious orchestras in major concert halls, combining a brilliant technique with a rare interpretative maturity. It was too early for that.

Banned music is the theme of the fourth module, in which Rui Pereira looks at the music of composers banned during the Third Reich. It was the saddest part of my life. But then he liked to party, he liked lunch dues, dinners, give me names of dating site and he always paid for everything. Eu pintava mais do que estudava.