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The exhibition mode is simple enough - pick your teams, your stadium, the weather, and other options, and then go for it. In addition, there is a custom league option that allows complete mixing and matching.

Major League Soccer More Info. Now you too can fulfill the soccer matchup urologist's dream of pitting the Kansas City Wiz against the Dallas Burn. The new engine is smoother and the players look much more life-like. It would have been nice to make a cup run with Mia and the gals.

Switching formation with a single button press is a simple yet ingenious feature. On-the-strategy lets gamers tune player positioning and tactics or mark star players for coverage. However, the tournament mode offers more variety.

You can perform a variety of kicks, tackles, and headers with various button presses and combinations. The graphics, sound and gameplay kick ass! There is a big difference in the computer's skill level between the three settings, most noticeably in the speed of the opposing players. You'll have the option to pull your defense up to initiate an offside trap with the press of a button, and you'll have icon-style passing off throw-ins and free kicks.

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The motion-captured animation is superb overall and completely captures the essence of movement in soccer. Each team has a certain amount of money, so you can't buy all the players you want, although it is still possible to pick up an entire team of good players. As far as flaws in the game, there aren't many. For example, I took the teams from Scotland and Sweden and put them in a team league, but I was disappointed that the game ended after one season. Browse games Game Portals.

The regular season mode lets you take a single team through the entire season of competition. Whether it's how players move across the pitch, or the improved ball physics, this new installment brings forth a wide array of improvements regarding the level of realism depicted in the matches. When will someone release a decent football game? There's also the create-a-player mode, and you can even customize the teams to your preferences.

With another touch of the button, they'll quickly return to the default strategy. PlayStation Max awarded a gold rating to the game, praising the game's looks, sound and longevity, although they did criticise the ease with which it was possible to score goals. Although soccer's still struggling for respectability in the U.


This may be why the customizable league stops after one season - but it would be nice to have active trading and leagues that could continue year after year. The season mode is also exciting, since it allows you to select a team and use it to play throughout an entire season for a spot at the top of the league table. There are a variety of gameplay options including the Exhibition, Tournament, Season, Training, and Team Management modes.

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America's newly bom soccer league is reporting straight to the game arena with Major League Soccer. The ball behaves in a much more believable fashion and it makes for a better game of football. The practice mode lets you select different practice scenarios to hone the weak points in your game.

The varied heights of the players, their realistic facial expressions, and even their hairstyles all make you believe you're actually watching your favorite team. The training area is a good place to try to adjust to the different speed of the players at the higher levels.

Those interested in running a franchise would do well by checking out the Team Manager option. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Soccer has never been very popular in the United States, if only because its minute halves of continuous action are unlike the frequent start-stop dynamic of pro football, baseball, and basketball. There are improvements to the league structure, however. On defense, you can control your team's aggressiveness and formation on the fly, even so far as to make all your defenders leave their man and run at the ball at the touch of a button. This mode allows players to switch formations on the fly, initiate substitutions, and modify options including half-lengths and difficulty levels. Since the first two are rather self explanatory, it is worth giving some special mention to the training mode.

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You decide on the weather, the arenas, the camera angle, and more. This item doesn't belong on this page. Also, it's almost impossible to score from distance. That, combined with much better textures, accurate facial models, and variously sized players make this the best-looking soccer game on the PlayStation.

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But different combinations of teams from any of the available leagues can be put together. They've covered all the bases this time, even including teams from leagues as obscure as Portugal and Israel. Any Condition Any Condition. That alone is great for U. Best Selling in Video Games See all.

The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. Even though it's just a tiny thing, dexter season 1 episode 1 I really like the dead ball Icon Attack feature they added.

Throw in the typically low score of a soccer match, and it isn't difficult to understand the general lack of interest in the game. All in all, this installment achieves its purpose as well, with plenty of improvements to make it worth the transition from the previous episode. They'll look dour on a missed play and celebrate or yell upon scoring a goal! All of this resides behind a useful interface, that admittedly, takes some time to get used to. Managers partake in Cup Tourneys during the regular season.

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In addition, you can practice various set pieces, such as penalty kicks, throw-ins, and free kicks. See details for description of any imperfections. The graphics are probably the most notable difference from last year's game.

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The game was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. Graphic-wise, there are many new additional effects and better face models for the available players, which make the experience feel more real than before. The controls are supersmooth, the gameplay is tight the A! Guaranteed to work or your money back!