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Widening Individual Worksheet Columns. The steps below cover how to widen columns using the mouse. Download the example to work along with the video. Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the double-headed arrow to the right to widen column A until the entire entry Thompson A.

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Pointing involves clicking on the cell containing the data with the mouse pointer to add the cell reference or named range to the formula. Love it or hate it, the Ribbon is the main way you'll work with Excel. As mentioned, each cell in a worksheet is identified by an address or cell reference, which consists of the column letter and number of the row that intersect at a cell's location.

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Excel opens the Protect Sheet dialog box in which you select the options you want to be available when the worksheet protection is enabled. After you finalize an Excel worksheet by reviewing formulas and proofing text, you should consider protecting the document to guard against any unplanned changes. Show Office who's the boss.

The pointer will change to a double-headed arrow. This step will merge and center the worksheet title - Deduction Calculations for Employees. The Microsoft Office button. Click the Protect Sheet command button in the Changes group on the Review tab.

If you can't see the worksheet tabs at the bottom of your Excel workbook, browse the table below to find the potential cause and solution. Excel allows you to create a meaningful name for each worksheet in a workbook so you can quickly locate information. If you've spent years getting to know Excel's old interface, lost season 4 you'll likely be frustrated at having to learn a whole new interface.

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Simply double-click the window title bar. Remember, a workbook must contain at least one worksheet. Each cell in the worksheet can be locked or unlocked.

Click on the Bottom Border option in the menu to add a border to the bottom of the merged cell. The good news is that you should welcome most of the changes, because they make it easier to get at all of Excel's power. For example, in a budget worksheet, you may want to allow changes only in the cells where you enter the budgeted amounts. First ensure that the Show sheet tabs is enabled.

These are not very informative names. The easiest way to create named ranges is to use the name box located in the top left corner of the worksheet above the row numbers.

There are a couple of minor changes. As mentioned previously, unformatted numbers or text data spill over to empty cells to the right if it is too wide for the cell. To help make it easier to find and read the information in a worksheet, Excel has a number of formatting features that can be applied to individual cells, rows, columns, and entire tables of data. Any worksheet can be deleted from a workbook, including those that have data in it. Relative Cell References and Copying Formulas.

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When entering the data for this tutorial, it is important to enter the data into the correct worksheet cells. You can change the default number of sheets that appears by clicking the Microsoft Office button and choosing Excel Options. Using Pointing to Enter the Formula. The main advantage of this approach is that if later it becomes necessary to change the data, it is a simple matter of replacing the data in the cells rather than rewriting the formula. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

Additionally, you will learn how to freeze specific parts of the worksheet so they are always visible. By default, the width of a cell permits only eight characters of any data entry to be displayed before that data spills over into the next cell to the right. This step will change the default left alignment of several cells to center alignment.

Formulas entered in subsequent steps make use of the cell references of the data entered now. Get the lay of the land The Excel interface represents possibly the biggest change Microsoft has made to the look and feel of the program and to how you get at its myriad features.

The bad news is that you're going to have to learn how to use the application again. Sometimes you will want to work with the worksheets one at a time as if each is a single unit.

Using Cell References in Formulas. The status bar has been moved all the way up to the Formula Bar. Click on the Formulas tab of the ribbon.

Protecting Cell Data in Excel 2007

It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Alternatively, Excel has a feature called merge and center which will be used in a later step to quickly center the title over the data table. Named ranges can be used as a substitute for cell reference when used in functions, formulas, and charts.

Widen other columns to show data as needed. Usually, your intention in protecting cells is not to prevent all changes but to prevent changes in certain areas of the worksheet. Hover the mouse pointer at the edge of the scrollbar until you see the double-headed arrow see the figure.

Using Named Ranges in Formulas. To unhide a worksheet, right-click on any visible tab and then click Unhide. Entering the Employee Deductions Formula.

Select protection settings in the Protect Sheet dialog box. In this tutorial, the above-mentioned cell formats will be applied to specific cells in the worksheet so that it will match the finished worksheet. All cells in the worksheet are now protected except the cells you unlocked. When you freeze panes, you select rows or columns that will remain visible all the time, even as you are scrolling.

Protecting Cell Data in Excel - dummies

Place the mouse pointer on the line between columns A and B in the column header. Expand your Office skills. Seeing Symbols instead of the Date.