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Sun, journal lables, various leaves, a measuring tape- because they grow so quickly! If you're still unsure how to proceed, each feature icon has a brief description of what it does that pops up if you hover your mouse over top of them. Looking for background papers, embellishments, and alphabets?

We prefer software that offers easy access to a wide selection of embellishments and other graphics so you can always make the page you want. Wallflower Temp MyMemories.

You can still attach three-dimensional items like mementos and embellishments after you print your electronic scrapbook if the digital versions are not quite enough to quench your creativity. What is a Digital Scrapbooking Kit? You can glue a real button over the top of a digital one, for instance, snooker games cue club or just save a spot in your layout where you want to put one when you print.

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Combo Kits These are typically larger kits and include a themed combination of background papers and embellishments. Paper Kits These kits include a themed collection of background papers. Reasons to Avoid Expensive. We used each program in our lineup to create multiple scrapbook layouts.

Imprint Kits These kits include a themed collection of Imprints. These sites make it easy to store, organize and share your photos whenever you want. Read the full Scrapbook Factory Deluxe review.

Reasons to Buy Lots of photo and page editing options. If you're unsure how to proceed there are easy-to-follow tutorials in the software that show you how to edit and format your projects. We also tallied the number of different ways you can share your final creation to highlight the companies with a variety of sharing options. Reasons to Avoid No audio or video components. It's so easy to use that this is also a great program to use if you're just in a hurry.

Pages can also be duplicated, deleted or reordered at any time. Summer Days Becky's Creations. Features available include red eye removal, photo flaw repaid, resizing, color contrast editing and more.

They also offer multiple ways to share your pages or a completed book. Just Beachy Combo Carla's Treasures. Embellishment Kits These kits include a series of themed embellishments or clip art. Early Man Bundle Kastagnette.

We recommend using social media sites. Reasons to Buy Easy to use. Monograms must be imported and positioned like any graphic embellishment and are not a font. Armed Forces-Bundle Connie Prince. Most of these sites are free, and they make it easy to connect with other people who share your interests and enjoy your style of art.

Instagram is a great site for visual media, and it has myriad thriving art, photography and scrapbooking communities. This level of customization isn't always available with scrapbooking software. Shape Kits These kits include a themed collection of Shapes.

This product is for personal use only. This includes red-eye reduction and cropping but not the detailed editing you would get from another application like Photoshop.

Monogram Kits These kits include themed graphics that are in part or a combination of alphabets, numbers or symbols. Drop shadows for illustration only.

This software lacks multimedia options but it's a great option if you want to customize pages and build your own graphics. There are a ton of borders, backgrounds and clipart you can use to personalize your creations. There are also thousands of clipart images and fonts you can use to customize your project. The Getting Started tutorial is a great place to start and shows you how to use every feature.

The Best Digital Scrapbooking Software of 2019

However, I sell a limited professional use license just for scrap for hire artists and photographers wanting to create for their clients. Flowers, labels, dimensional embellishments, titles, word art, buttons, stickers, frames, paint, stitching, ribbon and more. This digital kit has been saved as. AdelaideWord Arts Kastagnette.

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The best software offers not just templates but gorgeous templates. Editing tools can make a big difference in terms of convenience because you can edit and make your layout in one place rather than switching back and forth.

Digital Scrapbooking Kits

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We took note of how easy it was to use each program. Scrapbook Factory Deluxe A good choice if you want to edit your scrapbook photos. Have you got a style suggestion for me?

Should you need help using this software, you can contact a representative, view online tutorials or visit the active user forum. The photo editing tools are extensive. Reasons to Avoid Some included graphics look dated.