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Later, he worked as a clerk in an accounting firm for a salary of Rs. Anand began looking for an opportunity to play the main male lead in a film where his acting skills could be demonstrated, so as to dispel scepticism about his acting abilities. He is known to have been an active participant in the music sessions of a number of his films.

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Vijayan Herbert Alexandrovich Yefremov. Indiresan Wahiduddin Khan B. Her maternal grandmother opposed the relationship as they were Muslim and Anand was Hindu, and so, Suraiya remained unmarried.

They formed a mutual understanding that when Anand produced a film, Dutt would direct it and when Dutt directed a film, Anand would act in it. In these films, Suraiya was always first-biller in the credits, indicating that she was a bigger star than Anand. However, Suraiya asked for an exclusive meeting with her idol at her house. This continued for the next four decades.

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He remembered me and we exchanged pleasantries. He met and persuaded Narayan to give his assent to the project. Srinivasan Osamu Suzuki K. Dev Anand himself was the impetus for making the film version of the book.

Waheeda first became a star when C. Dev Anand aspired to become a performer after seeing Ashok Kumar's performance in films such as Achhut Kanya and Kismet. Gina is a professional photographer. Dev had forged a very strong bond of friendship with Kishore Kumar during the making of the film.

Dev also became known as a filmmaker of trenchantly topical themes. Lal Raghunath Anant Mashelkar H. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dev Anand. Nau Do Gyarah was the couple's last movie together. International Press Association.

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Narayanaswamy Arcot Ramachandran Trichur V. Subramaniam Naresh Trehan. Pylee Subramaniam Ramadorai N. In he paired again with Zaheeda in Gambler which went on to become a success. Devika Rani Chaudhuri Roerich B.

Dev Anand has also been politically active. Dev played Raju, a voluble guide, who supports Rosy Waheeda in her bid for freedom. Acquainted with the Bollywood actor, Peck's personal interactions with him spanned four to five long meetings in Europe and Mumbai.

The film introduced Zaheeda and had Waheeda Rehman as the lead female artiste. Moreover, he wasn't my rival. Sankaranarayanan Naseeruddin Shah T. Combining style with substance, he gave an affecting performance as a man grappling with his emotions in his passage through love, shame and salvation.

His films Sau Crore and Censor were critically acclaimed. His first colour film, Guide with Waheeda Rehman was based on the novel of the same name by R. He is not above thoughtlessly exploiting her for personal gains. After her marriage, Kalpana decided not to pursue her acting career further. As expected, he nodded and I walked up to him.

He attempted different genres of films so acquired versatile hero image. Between them, they agreed that if one of them were to become successful in the film industry, he would help the other also to be successful. He expected the film to do well, but the film was a box office disaster and Suneil Anand decided not to act in films anymore. His performance as Professor Anand in the film Lashkar film was widely appreciated and was a major success at the box office.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the late s, Anand was offered a few roles starring as the male lead opposite singer-actress Suraiya in woman-oriented films.

Ramachandran Tapan Raychaudhuri S. Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. While shooting these films, they became romantically involved.

The couple had a son, Suneil Anand in and later a daughter, Devina, was born. He tasted success with his directorial effort, Hare Rama Hare Krishna which talked about the prevalent hippie culture.

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The two shared love letters and messages through their co-actors, like Durga Khote and Kamini Kaushal, who went out of their way to engineer secret rendezvous. He began his career in the military censor's office at Churchgate, for a monthly salary of Rs.

Anand was offered his first big break by Ashok Kumar. Dev was the third of four sons born to Anand. The film, starring Dev Anand, Geeta Bali and Kalpana Kartik was a trendsetter, kya kehna song regarded as the forerunner of the spate of urban crime films that followed in Bollywood in the s. Dev Anand's films are well known for their hit songs. His ashes were returned to India for immersion burial in the Godavari River.

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He launched his son in the Kramer vs. His style was lapped up by the audience and was widely imitated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.