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Dating nigerian man, nigerian Men and Relationships – Is it Wise to Date Them?

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Every culture on earth has slimy food. Whenever you see women in colourful layers of cloth and hats like peacocks, run. There are a number of disadvantages of using social media to get into a relationship but, it is by far the fastest and easiest method.

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Men from this West African country offer the ladies a unique approach to dating and relationships because they incorporate their own cultures and traditions towards the union. Sure there are a lot of stereotypes about the good and bad of Nigerian men, asian american dating statistics for black you are sure to find some if not most of these characteristics to be true.

In terms of family life, Nigerian men need to be in control and make the important decisions that matter in the family. Nigerian men are rarely sexual deviants. Initiating There are a number of ways in which a lady can initiate a relationship with a Nigerian man. Clubbing, excessive partying, alcohol is considered highly indecent for a Nigerian wife while the white woman considers them a sort of get-away.

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Learn To Make Delicious Nigerian Foods

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As comparing your family principles to his has no place. However, Nigerian Men embrace the modernity of the world and approach their relationships with a global state of mind. Some men like to get women from their tribes and this is done traditionally meaning that you will have to work hard to impress the elders. Culture and Traditions Most Nigerians do not observe the past strict cultures that were regulating the nature of relationships. Even though men expect it, they will always appreciate being served like a king.

Nigerian Men and Relationships – Is it Wise to Date Them?

Maybe that will clarify things a bit. Relatives must never be accepted for long and the first night should always be in a hotel. There are several Nigerian Men who are known for having partners from different parts of the world. Clubbing, alcohol and partying are considered very indecent for a person aiming to be a wife.

It seems that some posters are taking issue with your list. Traditional Cuisine Egusi soup, jollof rice, pounded yam, these are just a few of the many Nigerian traditional dishes. As a non-Nigerian you family relations may be different or you may have assumptions about how families work, leave those behind. You knew this before you agreed to date each other so i think the best to be ready to face all the joy of relationships and other side of it. This friendly approach towards interacting with the rest of the world makes Nigerian men attractive and appealing.

Is driving a big deal in your village? Off to a strip joint or you going to turn each other on? These men are also smooth talkers and can thus pass their way through any tough fix. This is common practice in Nigeria. If you can avoid it, never let him drive.

But frankly, you can date and marry a handsome Nigerian guy any day if you are willing and able to be a good wife. If not, you will soon find yourself being with a married guy who you thought was single. Hopefully this article helps you avoid or understand some of the hiccups in the relationship with your Nigerian man.

Thus, if a lady offers a Nigerian man the chance at a relationship, they will find the endeavour to be fruitful and beneficial in the long run. Unlike other countries in the world, Nigerians are very open to new things and they always embrace the change taking place. The benefit of this is that most Nigerian men are also success minded and will make sure the family is provided for. The simple Nigerian girl is willing to submit and be a real wife to an African man, by so doing she enjoys unhindered love and lavish that she initially never bargained for. This is important because the foundation of most relationships are stronger when the lovers share a similar background or speak the same language.

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Meanwhile, Nigeria is a beautiful country rich in West African culture and traditions. Nigerian men are known for being very smart and charming and can thus cheat their way around anything just to get you. The Country One interesting fact about Nigerians and Nigerian men, in particular, is the openness they demonstrate when interacting with the rest of the world. The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home. There are several reputable restaurants and bars within the country that offer good opportunities for individuals to search for a suitable Nigerian man.

Tips On Dating A Nigerian Man - Culture - Nairaland

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Learning how to cook traditional cuisine will delight your man even if he knows how to make the dish himself. At the end of the day, this guide simple comes down to understanding. By Chuka Udeze In the world of relationships, it is intriguing when an individual tries new trends. Limit him to a few friends.

Re-post your list, but this time, include an explanation with each of your tips. If your man is football lover he will not like to be disturbed during the match. African men in general see the women as a helper who they have to love, pamper and dominate and they want her to remain thus, not another bread winner or some sort of competition. He will most likely provide financially for his parents or siblings.

Poster, you are mad, may your pussie rottren. Thus, a lady seeking a relationship with an individual from this country will find it going easier because it is very easy to approach them. Kissing in public is still considered weird especially Nigeria. Nigeria is a friendly African nation that hosts its guests with diligence and love.