Confessions Of An Heiress Ebook

She is best-known through the television series The Simple Life. It's basically Paris Hilton being the insufferable human being that she is. She's never going to be a Harvard PhD, but she's self-aware. If they want to see Paris as ditzy or motivated the book has support for both, but either can only further promote her fame. This book gives you a look into the life of Heiress celebrity Paris Hilton!

Confessions of an Heiress by Paris Hilton (ebook)

She offers silly advice for you to be an heiress just like her while giving just a glimpse at the good life. The book is also packed with lots of Paris photos.

And she's never been accused of abuse, like so many famous people, or of racism or general mean-spiritedness. Paris tips and sidebars also will include posing tips, how to make an entrance and flirting tips. She gives you confidence to be yourself with her honesty and care. Unfortunately, this book couldn't do that. She's not dumb, she's smart.

If only I would have read this when I was a teenager. Open Preview See a Problem? Now, with her trademark sense of humor, Paris looks back on her rise to fame and reveals the delicious details of her fairy tale life.

Paris Whitney Hilton is an American celebutante, singer, actress, model, and businesswoman. Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton.

Confessions Of An Heiress

Confessions of an Heiress

Twenty-two year ol Her name is on everyone's lips, but can she help it if she was born rich and famous? Hilton's career pursuits include singing, modeling, acting, writing, and television. Yet when he rescued the fair Rosaleen, he knew he had finally found a prize worth protecting, if only he could convince the mysterious, blue-eyed beauty that her true place was by his side, forever. Change your name whenever you feel like it, don't let boys control you.

Flooded with repressed desire, she gives herself over to the man, only to find herself under the control of a charming but very ruthless sexual dominant. But you still read it I hear you say I know again there's no excuse for my behaviour but I'm happy I read it because i can warn people to stay away.

The people who fell for this and find themselves shaking with anger or laughing at her stupidity are the successful outcome of her genius product. She's never going to be Anyone who dislikes Paris for being vapid, superficial, or fake has been totally duped.

That's really a sufficient review. She must dress and act to please him, and faces hard punishment when she fails him. Though never did she dream that in payment for his protection the impossible man would expect her to spend months amidst the squalor of his broken-down keep.

Can't remember the exact situation of how it came into my hands. It's easy to point and laugh at other people's mistakes but to post pictures of yourself that are just awful in a book supposedly glamourizing yourself is just awesome. It's mostly pictures, yes. In that sense I was disappointed.

Surprised it even stayed in one piece by the end of it. You step out of your house and you look great, you never wear the same dress twice or ever look tired. Born into luxury, she lived in a whirl of beautiful homes, European vacations, exquisite clothing and handsome men.

Confessions of an Heiress A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose

It makes you kind of jealous all the nice things she can buy, the trips she takes and the treatment you get as a star, but also the hard work that goes into it. She's engaged to Paris Latsis.

Ok first off don't judge, me I don't know why I even read this book I was in college I had a two hour break and I went to boarders and just picked out any book it happened to be this. No further questions, your honor. The writing lived up to my expectations.

A Tongue-In-Chic Peek Behind the Pose

Unfortunately everyone can't hire their own makeup artist, afford to change up their ha Confessions of an Heiress is a great book for any Paris Hilton fan! Be the first to ask a question about Confessions of an Heiress. Confessions of an Heiress is a great book for any Paris Hilton fan! She lists things that an heiress would do as if everyone reading could do the same. Rosaleen, heiress of Sarant, sought sanctuary at court, ahmad zahir mp3 songs- and Hugh Caldwell had agreed to get her there unharmed.

Confessions of an Heiress

Which is why I traded a book for this book. This book is full of advice. This is more like a photo album too. Kim K had this happen to her as well.

A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose

Thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt and buy this book out of pure curiosity but wanted to throw it across the room in disgust before the end of the first chapter. Don't ask me why I read this. This is one of the worst books ever written. Because she knew what the public wanted and she gave it to them, on her show and then in the endeavors that followed.