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Sorted by Sorted by Best Sellers. Abbey Road studios is probably the most famous studio in the world.

It provides countless templates for you to aim for to master pun intended professional masters. What are you most interested in? Some developers are more well known than others, but a new company making waves is Japanese A. Enter Your Best Email Address. This version is also very accurate and comes in native flavors.

Mastering compressor plugin with transparent, tight and punchy sound. As you can work on different frequency bands individually you can enhance just the areas that need it. Compresses, saturates, expands, equalizes, gates and clips to a high standard.

Giving it to a professional Mastering Engineer would be awesome. The rooms and sound of the equipment have become legendary and now much of that fabled recording environment has been captured in the Abbey Road collection of plugins from Waves.

Whatever level of volume you like to induce, the Pro-L can handle it, and it does an excellent job of preserving dynamics at the same time. This is a more complex and versatile take on limiting. This is ideal to ensure that your delivery is great for every application. Tweaking the transients can make your mix sound more smooth or more aggressive. You can also get in there and adjust things yourself if you wish.

Izotope Ozone 8

This is ideal for adding extra harmonics and taming problem transients at the same time. Which plug-ins are essentials when mastering your music?

The Year s Best All-In-One Mastering Software

Best Mastering Plugins

The two big knobs in the middle do the compression and limiting. MasteringTheMix takes track referencing to another level with their dedicated Reference software.

Ozone has various processing modules you can load up onto your imported audio. This is a process that identifies technical issues in your audio. Well, Elevate is a complex audio processing plugin that deals in frequency bands and transients, or the attack at the front of sounds. Mastering is one of those areas that has often felt slightly out-of-reach, slot machine play no exclusive and even mysterious to the home Producer. Advanced spectral mastering dynamics processor plugin.

Reach inside your mixes and fine tune with five bands of compression, expansion, and gate. Elephant Mastering Limiter Plugin.

It's not a record until it's mastered on an Ampex tape machine. It will then insert modules, chains, and processors to achieve what can only be described as a welcome sonic improvement.

10 Essential Mastering Plug-ins

IK Multimedia T-Racks 5

Compatibility InformationIzotope Ozone 8

Ozone is the full package and the real deal. Harmonically-enhanced equalizer plugin. It gives you the opportunity to approach your finished mix differently, to apply certain processes and tweaks without the distraction of going back into the multi-track project. Can be used as an effective drum bus, mastering limiter, and output overload protector. Transparent mastering limiter loudness maximizer plugin.

Not everyone will be using your fabulous studio monitors. On Sale Precision Multiband. Master Assistant analyses your audio and then decides upon the best settings, depending on what you are trying to achieve. These are often available in bundles from plug-in manufacturers.

Picking the right plug-in for the job is critical. It can generally add density and pressure to any program material without adversely effecting dynamic range too much. Want to join the discussion? Or, if you are less experienced then you might want to browse through the library of presets to see if something matches the style or genre you are trying to emulate.

Linear-phase spline equalizer plugin. Multiband drum and master track dynamics processing plugin. The name itself is bound to trigger a few notes of recognition. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

We want tools that are going to make it as easy as possible to master your own music. They would have the expertise and the gear to sweeten and embolden your music along with a healthy hourly rate.

What sort of plugins and collections of plugins should you be looking at to enable you to bring more life to your finished production? Also included in the bundle are three other plugins which take features of Elevate and focus on them exclusively. Using algorithms similar to those found in T-Racks and Ozone, it makes all the decisions for you, tweaks and adjusts, and in the end you get something that genuinely sounds better than what went in.

The Sonnox Codec Toolbox does exactly that. Ozone works best as a standalone mastering suite.

IK Multimedia T-Racks 5

It may sound like witchcraft but it is by far one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add a professional glow to your tracks. Robin Vincent is a veteran of the music technology industry. Mo Volans More articles by this author. Easily maximize mixes and masters while retaining dynamic range, and add tube-like presence and sizzle to your sources.