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Meanwhile, Wyatt writes down a new jingle in order to be rewarded with free food and rehearsal space for a band at Burger McFlipsters a parody of Burger King. Jude wakes up and finds that he was dreaming. On their date, Jonesy tags along and offers Jen advice, first by sitting behind her and then by transmitting instructions through an earpiece.

Will the two families work this out? This important question enables you to figure out whether or not the guy actually looks for personality traits rather than simple looks. Meanwhile, Jude tries to compete against his rival Mike Dent in a skateboarding race. Also, to make matters worse, online dating phrases Jonesy is hired by Nikki's boyfriend to break up with her.

  • Meanwhile, Jude loses his house keys while his parents are away so he temporarily lives in the mall, where he is repeatedly hounded by Ron the Rent-a-Cop.
  • Caitlin offers to help, and gives advice to Jen about how to attract boys.
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  • Wayne might be his only hope, beacause of his ability to choose the perfect movies for broken couples.
  • Jude crashes at Wyatt's place because his aunt is in town.

She then spends it on some diamond and earrings that makes Tricia believe that Caitlin working in the lemon is fake, which causes Tricia to stalk Caitlin. Meanwhile, Caitlin also apparently wins a contest from the bank that gives her money to spend. There, she gives Jude and Wyatt free burritos as they skate past Vegan Island.

Caitlin paid up the credit debt she made a long time ago and is free to go, so she quits her job in the Lemon. Meanwhile, Diego and Robbie drive Jen completely nuts since Jen hates her three stepbrothers, but finds out her mom is pregnant and is desperate to find out if it is a girl or a boy. However, if there is an awkward tension between you two.

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He could be an exceptional dancer or singer who will always keep you entertained even in the saddest of times. She then goes to Jonesy for advice on how to switch the babies back, eventually leading into Nikki telling Jonesy that she loves him. All goes well until his friends find out, go to one of his readings to support him and Caitlin farts during one of his poems, causing the whole gang to laugh and embarrass Wyatt.

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If the guy comes up with a better and more thrilling answer than buying a house or car and thinks outside of the box, he might just surprise you with his personality and charm. Most confident men will have a straight up answer to this question. Jen and Caitlin cleaned up, though, south asian matchmaking and even got their top picks one of a pair of twins from earlier. Nikki and Jude have problems with the Escalator Girls and need to find a way to get back at them.

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He exchanges it for a cup of coffee, and from one sip he knows that it's the best coffee he's ever tasted. Wyatt is failing gym and Jen helps him. Friends always know a person best. Meanwhile, Jonesy scams people into buying glasses for his new job as an assistant optometrist by replacing the normal eye chart with a blurry eye chart to earn more commission. Jen must not be pushy, bossy, or tell anyone what to do until the end of the day, which turns out to be hard after the gang tries their best to make Jen crack.

The clones go first, then Ron then Darth. Ron the Rent-a-Cop seems determined to put an end to Christmas by confiscating all of the Mall decorations and otherwise getting out of control and abusing his power as the head of mall security. Later, he brings the group coffee from Cathleen, 420 dating colorado and they all agree that it's some of the best coffee they've ever tasted. This is another title that seems to reference the episode title format from the sitcom Friends. Group finally decides to get Ron's old job back.

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Meanwhile, Jude destroys a copy of Wayne's beloved film and is afraid that Wayne will fire him. The episode title is a reference to the comedy film Wedding Crashers. Does he want to lure in the sun of the amazing beaches in Maldives? When Jude and Starr exit the movie theater after their date together, Jude notices that some nerds are following them. But when Jude actually did it himself, it turned out he was a genius, which was obviously a stroke a luck.

50 Speed Dating Questions that Prove Surprisingly Effective

But eventually the two find common ground, Jen goes to the amusement park, Coach Halder catches her and puts her on probation. Both of them are nervous, and Jonesy and Nikki at once interfered with the foursome because of arguing. Wong that his interview was moved to Grind Me at the mall, and Jonesy pretends to be Mr. Jen and Nathan are still in the elevator trying to find a way to get to the hospital in time so Jen can help her mom give birth. At a talk show, hugo dating Dustin spills everything out!

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Nikki suggested sarcastically to join a speed dating session, and Jonesy decided he wanted to host it because he got kicked from his last job, and needed money. However, Jen isn't sure she's ready to handle speed rejection. One of the twins talks to Jen during the speed-dating round. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Nikki suspect that Caitlin and Jude have started dating. Later, Jen gets bad luck after deleting a chain e-mail that says she must forward it to addresses, or get bad luck forever.

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After the session is over, Nikki and Jonesy reveal the results to their friends. Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked, so she decides to hide. Meanwhile, Jen gets stuck in a question booth, and Wyatt lets the gang endlessly prank him so he can finish his new album. Meanwhile Jonesy dates Lydia, a girl who is nuts for him. Meanwhile Jude races his Zamboni against Ron the Rent-a-Cop to see which vehicle will stay at the mall.

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Meanwhile, Nikki's mom, Mrs. Their brainwashing starts to work, and Nikki slowly becomes another Clone. This is a title reference to the movie Three Men and a Baby.

At the same time Jonesy is beaten by a year old in the arcade game, which is a great dishonour for him. Meanwhile, Jude falls for a talking chair named Betty guest voiced by Terri Hawkes. In the end, her friends save her from losing her individuality. The title refers to the classic martial arts film starring Bruce Lee.

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Jen is not too happy about her mom's marriage to Jonesy's dad majorly because of Jonesy and his two brothers. Griffin, a new employee at The Penalty Box, asks Jen out on a date, only later to find out that he's more of a miser than a hunky guy. Wyatt, Caitlin, Jen, and Jude are loveless at the time so they get mad when they see Jonesy and Nikki flirting with each other right in front of them.

  1. Meanwhile, Jonesy starts selling the lost and found items to people in the mall.
  2. And Jude wants to win a coffee drinking cup.
  3. Later, Jude and Ron get hooked on a romantic soap opera.
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At the same time Caitlin-Nikki war begins because of Caitlin never ending stories about her boyfriend and Nikki's temper. Meanwhile, Nikki's ex-boyfriend Stone returns to the mall so Nikki tries to get over him, with Caitlin's help. This results in a tug-of-war occurring that eventually makes Tom ask whether Caitlin is into him at all. Jude has actually taken this one, as he wants to find out exactly how dumb he is.

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